Board Opportunities

Our Board Members come from diverse backgrounds with a common passion for the mission of Organize Florida Education Fund. As a Board Member, you have the opportunity to shape the path forward for one of the most dynamic social justice organizations in the state. With a presence across Florida, partnered with a critical mission and incredible staff, Board Members gain invaluable experience in leadership, fundraising, budgeting, and program development.


Organize Florida Education Fund Board members hold office for 2 year terms.


The Board of Directors meets four times a year (quarterly).

General Requirements

  • Learn about Organize Florida Education Fund and be familiar with the budget and bylaws
  • Fundraise (write or raise) a minimum of $500 a year for Organize Florida Education Fund.
  • Provide strategic direction and oversight to ensure Organize Florida Education Fund grows organizationally
  • Attend at least two Organize Florida Education Fund events a year
  • Attend at least three of the four Organize Florida Education Fund board meetings a year
  • Excuse oneself from decisions and votes where there may be a conflict of interest
  • Do not provide political endorsements and the like in the name of Organize Florida Education Fund
  • Keep all Organize Florida Education Fund matters confidential, including financials, campaign information, program information, and other business
  • Work in good faith with fellow Board members and staff toward the achievement of the organization’s goals